Hardcore Peptides Review

Hardcore Peptides Review
Company Name Hardcore Peptides
Product Location USA
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Total average


Quality ( 97 )
Prices ( 89 )
Shipping ( 93 )
Customer Service ( 95 )


Hardcore Peptides Review:

Our team was recently pointed to Hardcore Peptides to give them a try and see how their products compare with the other peptide companies out there. That being said, we went and bought nearly every product they sold and tested them out on our own so our visitors could see if they were legit or a scam.


I want to first point out that Hardcore Peptides is not a scam. After thoroughly giving these a test, we have concluded that these peptides and research liquids are of a superior quality (no pun intended). They have surpassed the effectiveness of about 95% of the companies we have used overall. Even comparing those from the past, Hardcore Peptides really knows what they are doing, and I am betting there client base is growing rapidly as people use their products.


So Hardcore Peptides runs a sale here and there which make the prices drop significantly. They are already fairly priced and very affordable, but if your lucky enough to catch a sale, you will see that the prices are extremely fair and seem like one heck of a steal to me.


Shipping time was great. It came quick and I had no issues with customs whatsoever. The packaging was discrete, and I am happy with how things were packaged inside.

Customer Service:

I actually gave customer service a shout, just to see how they responded, and how quickly they would react. Although I didn’t need help, I decided to ask a few questions anyways and I was responded nice and quickly by the support team. Great service.

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Company NameHardcore Peptides
Product LocationUSA
Website URL:Click Here To View Store