Progen Peptides Review

Progen Peptides Review
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Progen Peptides Review

After seeing this place sponsoring a fairly large bodybuilding board, we had decided to give Progen Peptides a review after ordering some of their products.


The quality of these peptides are average at best. I would say on par with most chinese peptides. They claim they are made in the USA, which is fine, maybe they are, but the IGF seem to be well off the quality mark we are used to seeing. The other peptides we gave a shot seemed mediocre as well. With the MT2, we expected a libido increase however NOTHING changed in the subject. No increase in libido at all. Tanning wasn’t as effective as with previous companies we have used. It almost seemed like the tanning source was doing all the work here. This just isn’t good news when looking at quality.


The prices of their products are about the same as most peptide companies around, however you need to remember to take into account the quality that you are receiving. We cannot stress how much it matters to make sure quality is on point as opposed to prices fitting your budget. In the long run, we go with quality. This is how we decide the companies we go to. Quaity will pay for itself in due time.


Shipping isn’t too bad. It took around 5-7 days to receive our products. This is about average for most peptide companies we have seen. Everything was packaged discreetly but bottles weren’t packaged as tightly as we’d like to see. ALl in all though, their shipping wasn’t too bad. No seizures.

Customer Service:

No good in our opinion! After emailing, responses took upwards of 48 hours. Slow responses as well pushy representatives make for a bad support team. Really was hoping for more from this company.


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